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EOLI Web - Multi-Provider Interoperable Catalogue Service

The new EOLI Web Client provides access to ESA catalogues of EO products via a standard web browser, as well as to the catalogues of other data providers (for example DLR and NASA ECHO) and is part of ESA's eoPortal. This tool doesn't allow online ordering (for which we recommend to use EOLI-SA), but it allows you to browse the meta data and obtain further information about the collections and products available from ESA and other providers.

EOLI Web Client interface

Read more about EOLI Web here or directly access the client here.

A small tutorial for the EOLI Web client is available here.

EOLI Web requires that you have the latest Java-plugin installed:

Configuring your browser to run the EOLI interface

The EOLI interface is based on a Java applet and requires that the Sun Java Plugin 1.4.2+ is used by your browser.

The following browsers/operating systems have been successfully tested with EOLI:

  • Internet Explorer 4.0 to 6 on Windows  98, NT, 2000, XP
  • Netscape 7+ on Windows XP
  • Opera 7.52 on Windows XP
  • Firefox 0.9.1 on Windows XP, Firefox 1.0 on Linux
  • Mozilla 1.7 on Windows XP
  • Firefox 1.5 on Mac OS X

If your configuration is not supported or you have problems installing the Sun Java Plugin, we recommend you to use the EOLI Stand Alone (SA) application which is supported on all platforms and does not require administrator privileges in order to be installed.

Install from Sun the Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment (J2SE v 1.4.2 JRE, which includes the Java Plugin) and use it as the default Java Virtual Machine for your browser.

Recommended for Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape on Windows. Java Plugin 1.5 is currently supported. You may need administrative rights to install on Windows 2000 and XP. Please read this for more information on this subject

Here you can find links to the J2SE JRE 1.4.2+ for Windows and other platforms. See installation notes for Windows users

Set the installed Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment as the default plug-in. Here you will find help.

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