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Landsat TM

LANDSAT 5 Thematic Mapper Geolocated Terrain Corrected Systematic processing (LANDSAT.TM.GTC)

This dataset contains all the Landsat 5 Thematic Mapper high-quality ortho-rectified L1T dataset acquired by ESA:

Kiruna Landsat TM GTC density map Maspalomas Landsat TM GTC density map

Matera Landsat TM GTC density map

The acquired Landsat TM scene covers approximately 183 x 172.8 km. A standard full scene is nominally centred on the intersection between a path and row (the actual image centre can vary by up to 100m). A full image is composed of 6920 pixels x 5760 lines and each band requires 40 Mbytes of storage space (uncompressed).

Product Availability

Data may be viewed via the EOLI Catalogue without registration.

Data may be downloaded after fast registration via EOLI Catalogue or via the online dissemination portal.

Data Set Specifications
Temporal Coverage:
April 1984 to October 2011
Spatial Coverage:
Current Processor Version:
Data Type:
Optical/Multi Spectral Radiometry High Resolution
Processing Level:
Level 1
More Data Types On
Available Resources Type Format Access
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