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Using satellite information to help rebuild after a disaster

12 July 2019

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ESA and the Asian Development Bank have joined forces to help the Indonesian government use satellite information to guide the redevelopment following the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the provincial capital of Palu and surroundings last year.

On 28 September 2018, the Indonesian island of Sulawesi was struck by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. The epicentre was on the island's northwest coast – 77 km north of Palu, which lies at the head of a long narrow bay.

The quake triggered a tsunami that swept huge surges of water – as high as 10 m – along the bay and swamped the city. The combination of the earthquake, tsunami, soil liquefaction and landslides claimed well over 2000 lives, destroyed homes, buildings, infrastructure and farmland in several districts.

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