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Upgraded CryoSat NetCDF ocean products releasing soon

03 August 2017

CryoSat users are informed that we are at the final stage of the implementation, prior to the release of the new Baseline C CryoSat ocean products for the scientific community.

Our verification teams are currently carrying out extensive checks on the quality and format of the new products generated by the CryoSat Ocean Processor (COP). Once these checks have been successfully completed, the Baseline C Ocean Products will be opened to the whole user community. It is envisaged that initial operational products will be available by September 2017.

In terms of the product content, the main changes involved in the Ocean Baseline C are related to the addition of native SAR/SARIN-mode data over the relevant ocean regions in the geographical mode mask, and a number of new parameters, including updated geophysical corrections.

All evolutions of the COP chain have been considered in parallel of the format change to NetCDF ensuring a better harmonization with other ocean-oriented Altimetry mission. An almost consolidated version of the Product Format Specification document for the new ocean products is now available.

A small test data and additional documentations will be provided to the users soon, in order to test and configure data tools and routines in preparation for the release of the final data scheduled for September.