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Swarm Charlie: Data gaps on 15 and 16 July 2019

19 July 2019

Several tests were performed on the Swarm Charlie satellite on 15 July in order to investigate the anomaly that occurred on 28 April.

During these tests the instruments were switched off and on, causing data gaps for all the L0, L1A, L1B and L2-Cat2 products.

In particular the following data are missing:

  • GPS data from 15/07/2019 between 04:40:01 and 10:00:31 UTC
  • STR data from 15/07/2019 between 04:48:29 and 09:31:57 UTC
  • ACC data from 15/07/2019 between 04:48:28 and 12:53:32 UTC
  • VFM data from 15/07/2019 between 04:48:27 and 12:43:10 UTC
  • EFI data between 15/07/2019 at 04:47:40 UTC and 16/07/2019 at 07:20:31 UTC

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