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Swarm Bravo collision avoidance manoeuvre on 2 April 2019

03 April 2019

An orbit collision avoidance manoeuvre was performed on Swarm Bravo on 2 April 2019 at 00:23 UTC for a duration of 64 seconds, equivalent to a Delta V of 0.015 m/s.

This manoeuvre lowered the spacraft's orbit, and did not contain any slew.

For safety reasons, the EFI was put in ready state before the end of a science orbit so EFI data are not available from 1 April 2019 23:47:40 UTC to 2 April 2019 01:02:37 UTC.

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Glaciers lose nine trillion tonnes of ice in half a century

8 April 2019

When we think of climate change, one of the first things to come to mind is melting polar ice. However, ice loss isn't just restricted to the polar regions. According to research published today, glaciers around the world have lost well over 9000 gigatonnes (nine trillion tonnes) of ice since 1961.