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Sample NetCDF Ocean Products available to users

07 August 2017

CryoSat users are informed that a sample of the new CryoSat Ocean Products in NetCDF is now available to download here. This test data has been processed with the new Baseline-C Ocean Processors, which now generate three classes of products, each with different delivery latencies:

  • Near-Real Time Ocean Products (NOP) – delivered 3 hours after acquisition
  • Intermediate Ocean Products (IOP) – delivered 48 hours after acquisition
  • Geophysical Ocean Products (GOP) – delivered 30 days after acquisition

These products are further classified according to the data acquisition mode (LRM, SAR and SARIn). For more information on the new NetCDF Ocean Products, please refer to the updated Ocean Product Format Specification document.

Whilst the data sample provided currently includes only L1B and L2 IOP data, users should note that the format of these products is representative of the NOP and GOP data; the processing of these products is the same and the only difference lies in the use of different input auxiliary files.

Please note that these data samples are intended only for the purpose of becoming familiar with the format of the new CryoSat Ocean Products and are not fully representative of the quality that will be provided when this data is opened to the user community.

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Sentinel-3B good to go

02 February 2018

After being put through its paces to make sure it is fit for life in orbit around Earth, the Copernicus Sentinel-3B satellite is ready to be packed up and shipped to Russia for liftoff.
Working on Sentinel-3B
Its twin, Sentinel-3A, has been in orbit since February 2016, systematically measuring our oceans, land, ice and atmosphere. The information feeds a range of practical applications and is used for monitoring and understanding large-scale global dynamics.