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Preserving heritage data at ESA

05 April 2019

Why is archiving and curating heritage satellite data so fundamentally important? How can heritage data from old satellites be used to compare with current findings?

This week, ESA is focusing on its core Basic Activities, which, for Earth observation and other directorates, include preserving precious data.

Satellites provide vast quantities of data. While these data are processed and used by scientists and analysts to understand and monitor Earth, they are also carefully archived at ESA's Earth Observation Data Centres.

For the last 30 years, ESA has been providing data, technical information and analysis tools in support of various missions. Through its Heritage Data Programme, for example, ESA ensures the digital preservation of and access to archived satellite data for scientists, policy makers and value-adding companies.

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Glaciers lose nine trillion tonnes of ice in half a century

8 April 2019

When we think of climate change, one of the first things to come to mind is melting polar ice. However, ice loss isn't just restricted to the polar regions. According to research published today, glaciers around the world have lost well over 9000 gigatonnes (nine trillion tonnes) of ice since 1961.