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Landsat 8 real time acquisition

06 July 2017

A new tool has been developed allowing users to watch in real time (less than a minute delay during the acquisition) the Landsat 8 acquisitions over Matera station footprint.

The tool is available here.

The tool shows the position of Landsat 8 on its orbit, and the real time acquisition is automatically displayed once Landsat 8 enters the Matera station footprint. During the acquisition, users can choose between True Color and Vegetation Analysis Band combinations. The tool also allows to replay the last recordings with the same functionalities than the real time acquisitions.

The data itself is then available for download in near real time from the ESA Landsat 8 portal.

In addition to Landsat 8 data, ESA also distributes Landsat data ESA archive data from the beginning of the mission. All Landsat data distributed by ESA are available from the TPM data access list.

Landsat 8 real time acquisition