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JERS-1 SAR and Optical data available

31 January 2018

ESA is pleased to announce that the JERS-1 Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar Level-1 products are now available to download. These data are free of charge and access is granted immediately to all users worldwide after fast registration.

These data represent the result of a systematic reprocessing project of the entire ESA JERS-1 data holdings. The JERS-1 SAR data are available in CEOS format as Precision Image (PRI) and Single Look Complex Image (SLC) products. Whereas, the JERS-1 OPS data are available in GeoTIFF format and represent System Corrected products (SYC) from the VNIR optical sensor.

Within the Third Party Mission scheme, the Agency provides data from non-ESA Third Party Missions, to complement the data from ESA EO missions, and to support and build up the scientific user community for these data in Europe. The JERS-1 SAR datasets extend the temporal and spatial coverage of the already available SAR L-band data sets from the SeaSat and ALOS missions. A key aspect of the SAR data provided by ESA from these three missions is that they were processed following the same core processor. Further information can be found on the JERS-1 mission page and the JERS-1 dataset details pages.

Mt.Etna view by JERS-1

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Sentinel-3B good to go

02 February 2018

After being put through its paces to make sure it is fit for life in orbit around Earth, the Copernicus Sentinel-3B satellite is ready to be packed up and shipped to Russia for liftoff.
Working on Sentinel-3B
Its twin, Sentinel-3A, has been in orbit since February 2016, systematically measuring our oceans, land, ice and atmosphere. The information feeds a range of practical applications and is used for monitoring and understanding large-scale global dynamics.