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Improved TPM online dissemination service available

09 June 2017

ESA is pleased to announce that an improved access to the collections distributed online by ESA through the Third Party Missions programme has been deployed.

Two enhanced features have been set up to ease access to these collections:

  • A TPM online access list has been created to provide users with a centralised access to all the TPM online collections dissemination systems (17 TPM collections)
  • A new online dissemination system providing a geographical catalogue, a folder tree access and a filename search has been deployed for 13 TPM collections

TPM Static Map

From the new TPM L-OADS online dissemination system, the products can be downloaded immediately if the user is logged in and authorised for the specific product download.

The below collections are currently available; ESA will however continuously populate this new dissemination system with new collections.

  • IKONOS ESA archive
  • Image 2006
  • KOMPSAT-2 ESA archive (NEW)
  • Oceansat-2 NRT data
  • Pleiades ESA archive (NEW)
  • RapidEye ESA archive
  • RapidEye South America
  • RapidEye time series for Sentinel-2
  • Seasat ESA archive
  • SPOT-1 to 5 ESA archive
  • SPOT-6 and 7 ESA archive (NEW)
  • Tropforest Dataset
  • WorldView-2 European Cities

More details on the use of the new dissemination system can be found here.

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Sentinel-3B good to go

02 February 2018

After being put through its paces to make sure it is fit for life in orbit around Earth, the Copernicus Sentinel-3B satellite is ready to be packed up and shipped to Russia for liftoff.
Working on Sentinel-3B
Its twin, Sentinel-3A, has been in orbit since February 2016, systematically measuring our oceans, land, ice and atmosphere. The information feeds a range of practical applications and is used for monitoring and understanding large-scale global dynamics.