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GOSAT L1, L2, and L3 full Mission and new data available

29 June 2016

ESA is pleased to announce the online availability for immediate download of the full mission archive and newly acquired GOSAT CAI and FTS sensor data at processing levels 1, 2 and 3, up to the last processing version available from JAXA.

  • FTS L1 Observation mode 1 L1B, day
  • FTS L1 Observation mode 1 L1B, night
  • FTS L1 Special Observation L1B, day
  • FTS L1 Special Observation L1B, night
  • FTS L2 CO2 profile, TIR
  • FTS L2 CH4 profile, TIR
  • FTS L2 CH4 column amount, SWIR
  • FTS L2 CO2 column amount, SWIR
  • FTS L3 global CO2 distribution, SWIR
  • FTS L3 global CH4 distribution, SWIR
  • CAI L1B data
  • CAI L1B+
  • CAI L2 cloud flag
  • CAI L3 global reflect. distrib. clear sky
  • CAI L3 global radiance distrib. all pixels
  • CAL L3 global NDVI

The data are made available via FTP as soon as processed and received from JAXA.

Please note that a new FTP access has been set up to access all these data, refer to the GOSAT information area to register and get the credentials.

The former FTP access, which allowed to access only GOSAT FTS level 1 data will be dismissed in one month.

Further details about the GOSAT mission and products are available on the mission description page and product description pages.

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Copernicus Sentinel-1 reveals shared plumbing led to Agung awakening

22 February 2019

When Mount Agung in Indonesia erupted in 2017, the search was on to find out why it had stirred. Thanks to information on ground deformation from the Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission, scientists now have more insight into the volcano's hidden secrets that caused it to reawaken.

copernicus s1 agung