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GOSAT FTS L1B NRT (L1X) now available

04 August 2016

ESA is pleased to announce the online availability for immediate download of the GOSAT FTS L1B Near Real Time products, called FTS L1X products:

  • FTS L1 Observation mode 1 L1X, day
  • FTS L1 Observation mode 1 L1X, night
  • FTS L1 Special Observation L1X, day
  • FTS L1 Special Observation L1X, night

The main difference between L1X and L1B is that L1X does not include CAM data, best-estimate pointing-location, and target point classification, but most of all the L1X products are available on the ESA server between 2 and 5 hours after acquisition. The L1X products remain on the FTP server for 5 days, the time for the corresponding L1B to become available.

Please register from the GOSAT information area in order to obtain the data.

Further details about the GOSAT mission and products are available on the mission description page and product description page.

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More of Africa scarred by fires than thought

4 February 2019

Wildfires can cause devastation and are also to blame for more than a quarter of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. Satellites play a key role in mapping landscape scarred by fire – but the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission has revealed that there are more fires than previously thought.

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