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GOSAT data distribution resumed

01 June 2018

GOSAT data distribution / dissemination has been resumed for both the TANSO-FTS and CAI data products, following the resolution of the problem reported last week.

Work is ongoing to process and distribute the resulting backlog from the interruption, which will be made available as soon as possible.

The missing periods for the data has been reported as follows:

  • TANSO-FTS: 17/05/2018 18:48:25 - 24/05/2018 22:38:37 (UTC)
  • TANSO-CAI: 17/05/2018 17:12:54 - 24/05/2018 21:50:20 (UTC)

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Copernicus Sentinel-1 maps Norway in motion

10 January 2019

Images acquired every six days by the European Union's Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellites are being used to map ground movement across two billion measurement sites in Norway, revealing shifts as small as one millimetre a year.

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