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GEOSS users and Data Provider Workshops to benefit from GEOSS enhancements

21 February 2017

ESA is an active member of the intergovernmental Group of Earth Observation (GEO), being responsible for the implementation and operations of the GEOSS Portal, the main graphical user interface of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) that allows for discovery and access to Earth observation data from more than 150 national and regional providers, covering more than 200 million open data resources already.

A major advantage of GEOSS is that all its resources (space-borne, airborne and in-situ data) are discoverable and accessible via a single point of access, a one-stop-shop or single interface for users from different application areas.

An enhanced version of the GEOSS Portal was released recently to allow for more intuitive use, multi-criteria searches and filtering including some smart filters, e.g. to filter on cloud coverage in optical imagery (Sentinel 2, Landsat) and on sensor polarisation and swath for SAR imagery (Sentinel 1).

geoss portal interface

The GEOSS Portal - Showing the first 10 results of Sentinel-2 data with cloud coverage less than 15%

In enhancing GEOSS, ESA is working closely with the Italian Research Council (CNR-IIA), which is responsible for the Discovery and Access Broker (GEO-DAB), and will continue doing so in the next years to better respond to the user needs following a user centric approach.

With this in mind, ESA and CNR-IIA are organising in coordination with the GEO Secretariat various workshops for the user communities during which explanations will be given and experiences and feedback can be provided regarding the use of GEOSS with a particular focus on the portal and the broker. Besides the user community workshops, there will also be workshops organised for data providers.

The first (virtual) GEOSS Portal workshop took place on 26 January 2017. The next are planned for 22 March, 23 May, 20 September and 15 November 2017. The first (virtual) user community workshop is planned for 22 February. The focus of this workshop will be on disasters.

The first data provider workshop took place in St. Petersburg during the GEO XIII Plenary. The next will be on water (29 March), biodiversity (05 April) and sustainable development goals (30 May).

The second data provider workshop will take place at CNR in Firenze on the 20 and 21 of April.

For more information on upcoming workshops and registration, please visit the GEO website.

For information and questions regarding the GEOSS Portal:

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