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Fall in love

14 February 2019

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It's easy to take our home planet for granted, but sit back and enjoy this sequence of stunning images from space and fall in love all over again on Valentine's Day.

These few images show Earth's splendor, reminding us that, from space, there are no borders – just one planet that is home to us all. The images are all like pieces of art and any one would happily grace a wall as a thing of beauty. But, while beautiful, they also show how fragile our natural world is and how vulnerable it is to climate change. Satellites orbiting high above our heads not only deliver amazing views of Earth, but are vital for understanding and monitoring environmental change.

For Valentine's Day we hope these images fill you with love for our world and serve as a little reminder that like the others we love in life, our world needs to be cherished and cared for it to thrive.

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