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EOLi-SA now dismissed

15 February 2019

Please be aware that the "EOLi-SA Catalogue and Ordering Service" is now dismissed and replaced by the ESA Simple Online Catalogue which was released in early January 2019.

If you use the ESA On-The-Fly data processing and dissemination service to download data from the full Envisat ASAR and ERS SAR mission archives the ESA Simple Online Catalogue must now be used.

For any further support or information, please contact EOHelp

Read more about the Simple Online Catalogue in this news from 4 January 2019 - Envisat-ERS (A)SAR - Enhanced Dissemination Service

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Copernicus Sentinel-1 reveals shared plumbing led to Agung awakening

22 February 2019

When Mount Agung in Indonesia erupted in 2017, the search was on to find out why it had stirred. Thanks to information on ground deformation from the Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission, scientists now have more insight into the volcano's hidden secrets that caused it to reawaken.

copernicus s1 agung