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Envisat-ERS (A)SAR - Enhanced Dissemination Service

04 January 2019

ESA is pleased to announce the release of several new features as part of the ESA On-The-Fly data processing and dissemination service providing data from the Envisat ASAR and ERS-1/2 SAR mission archives.

A new Simple Online Catalogue interface has been released for search and download of (A)SAR data including the following enhanced options:

  • Bulk download allowing users to submit bulk dissemination requests for (A)SAR Level 1 data
  • Interferometric search to identify suitable (A)SAR correlated pairs of products for INSAR applications
  • New data collection providing the full ERS-1/2 SAR Medium Resolution Level 1 processed archive (SAR_IMM_1P) readily available for direct download

Moreover, the introduction of the dynamic Quality of Service will guarantee all users a minimum specified number of Level 1 products per (A)SAR collection per day with the possibility of additional data download depending on the overall system availability.

Please note that the "EOLi-SA Catalogue and Ordering Service" is being replaced by the Simple Online Catalogue and will be dismissed on the 15 February 2019.

Information on how to obtain (A)SAR On-The-Fly data products via the ESA Dissemination Service is available here.

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Copernicus Sentinel-1 maps floods in wake of Idai

20 March 2019

As millions of people in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe struggle to cope with the aftermath of what could be the southern hemisphere's worst storm, Copernicus Sentinel-1 is one of the satellite missions being used to map flooded areas to help relief efforts.

idai - sentinel-1