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Earth Online soon to change

20 April 2020

The current Earth Online website, which has been around for some 30 years as the main provider of scientific-technical information on Earth Observation (EO) activities carried out by ESA, is due to change-on 27 April it will take on a whole new dimension.

The new website will be presented in a redesigned graphical interface and mobile responsive design. Central to this design is a powerful search functionality. With information dating back 30 years, our aim is to make it easier for you to find the resources you seek.

The result is a simplified navigation, which primarily prioritises the data, news and missions. Within a few clicks, you can find what you seek either using a text search or a series of filters that narrow down your search results by thematic areas, missions, and instruments.

The content will still focus on ESA EO and Third Party Missions in particular, along with Mission News, Airborne Campaigns information and much more.

This new portal also enhances ESA's data exploitation, providing a wide range of data offers through the main catalogue - the EO-CAT Web Client - designed to manage end-user Earth Observation services, and browse the metadata and images of Earth Observation data acquired by various satellites.

The objective and continuous views of our planet supplied by satellite images and data have provided scientists and decision makers with the information they need to understand and protect our environment-this remains our main goal, but it will be a whole new ride getting there!

New Earth Online homepage
New Earth Online