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Earth Observation data distribution services improvement

14 June 2018

ESA has started a process to improve the Earth Observation data distribution services, aiming at facilitating access to data and information for the end users, initially by shortening the access path and reviewing authentication and authorisation processes.

This improvement will materialise gradually, and the first implementing steps will concern the Earth Explorers GOCE, CryoSat, Swarm and SMOS data access through the setting-up of a simplified procedure leading the users straight to the product repository without affecting the current data retrieval method itself.

Earth Observation data distribution services

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Copernicus Sentinel maps Florence hurricane flood

15 September 2018

Making landfall in the US state of North Carolina on 14 September, Hurricane Florence is causing widespread damage and flooding.

Sentinel-1 maps Florence hurricane flood

With lives and property at risk, the Copernicus Emergency Management Service was standing by ready to map the floods to help relief efforts.