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Distribution of new SciSat-1 products

28 November 2017

SciSat-1 data access is now performed through the Waterloo University server in their latest processing version.

Details on the access can be found on the SciSat-1 product page.

As of today, FTS products are available in version 3.5/3.6, while MAESTRO products are available in version 3.12.1.

Further details can be found University of Waterloo website.

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It's all go in summer for Greenland's glaciers

13 July 2018

The Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission has revealed that, on average, Greenland's glaciers are now flowing more slowly into the Arctic Ocean.

Sentinel-5P first data

While glacial flow may have slowed overall, in summer glaciers flow 25% faster than they do in the winter.