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CryoSat Ocean GOP production begins

12 December 2017

CryoSat scientific users are informed that the Ocean Baseline C GOP production has started and products are already available on the Science Server.

While the L1b products have passed all quality checks, we have detected a sporadic mishap on some of the L2 whose datation is set to Default Value in the middle of the product. This is causing some corresponding failures in the P2P production.

The decision to release the GOP was made in order to avoid delays on the corresponding Ice product processing. Gaps and affected products shall be replaced with a dedicated reprocessing activity in the next future.

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Sentinel-2 maps Indonesia earthquake

05 October 2018

A 7.5-magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit Indonesia on 28 September, destroying homes and hundreds of lives.

sentinel-2 indonesia earthquake

Satellite data can be used to support international disaster risk management efforts, such as those in Indonesia. One of the ways in which ESA is contributing to this area is through leading a range of activities in the framework of the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Working Group on Disasters.