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CryoSat Baseline C Ocean Product documents released

18 December 2017

In addition to the data sample and product format specification documents, CryoSat scientific users are informed that the two key documents dealing with the Baseline C ocean products are now available:

The content of these documents is not frozen and will be regularly updated and improved, based on feedback and recommendations from the ocean user community. Please email regarding feedback and recommendations.

Complementary information about ESA CryoSat Ocean product quality and evolutions can be also found in the reference paper by Bouffard et al (2017), which was a recently published CryoSat special edition of Advances in Space Research.

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Copernicus Sentinel-1 maps Norway in motion

10 January2019

Images acquired every six days by the European Union's Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellites are being used to map ground movement across two billion measurement sites in Norway, revealing shifts as small as one millimetre a year.

insar norway