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COSMO-SkyMed ESA archive online dataset available

19 December 2018

ESA is pleased to announce the on-line availability of a new dataset: COSMO-SkyMed data for ESA Category-1 users.

The on-line collection is a subset of the full mission archive, provided by e-GEOS, corresponding to the products acquired worldwide from 2008 and previously ordered by ESA Category-1 users.

The main payload of the satellite is an X-band, multi-resolution and multi-polarisation imaging radar operating in different modes with different resolution (from 5 to 100m).

The collection contains SAR data acquired in four different sensor modes (ScanSAR Huge, ScanSAR Wide, StripMap HIMAGE and StripMap PINGPONG) in different processing levels.

The dataset is accessible after registration and verification of user identity.

Further details are available at the COSMO-SkyMed missions and dataset description pages.