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ALOS PALSAR Toolbox: Correction available by June 2017

19 May 2017

ESA has completed the investigation about the issue preventing users from ingesting ALOS PALSAR products processed and disseminated by the ALOS PALSAR On-The-Fly platform.

The official ESA Toolbox for ALOS PALSAR products ingestion has been identified as the "SentiNel Application Platform" (SNAP).

Unfortunately, SNAP is currently unable to open PALSAR products generated by ESA IPF.

The SNAP plugin for the correct file import, visualization and navigation of ALOS PALSAR products generated by ESA IPF is under development; the availability of such plugin for users is planned for next June 2017. The plugin delivery will allow SNAP to manage all product types regardless of their origin (JAXA or ESA IPF).

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Smallsats win big prize at Copernicus Masters

08 November 2017

A constellation of small satellites that provide data on Earth's ice and soil moisture content to complement the Sentinel fleet took the top prize at this year's Copernicus Masters Competition.
The awards ceremony took place on 07 November,  in Tallinn, Estonia, in front of an international audience during European Space Week as part of the Satellite Masters Conference & Horizon 2020 Space Info Day.