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Absolute Vertical TEC now available in the Swarm Level 2 Cat-2 TEC products

10 July 2017

We inform the Swarm users that, starting from 05 July 2017, the Absolute Vertical TEC (VTEC) values and corresponding elevation angles will be available in the Swarm Level 2 Cat-2 TEC products.

The use of absolute VTEC data with corresponding  elevation angles of the GPS rays of at least 50 degree is highly recommended. This recommendation is given since the uncertainty of the mapping function increases with the decreasing elevation angle. For more information on the Swarm Level 2 Cat-2 TEC processing and data format please refer to Swarm Level-2 TEC Product Description .

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Sentinel-5P launch preparations in full swing

14 September 2017

With liftoff set for 13 October, engineers at Russia's Plesetsk launch site are steaming ahead with the task of getting Europe's next Copernicus satellite ready for its journey into orbit.
Sentinel-5P being lifted into position
The Sentinel-5P satellite has been at Plesetsk in northern Russia for almost two weeks. So far, it has been taken out of its transport container, positioned for testing and engineers have started ticking off the jobs on the long ‘to do' list.