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7th CryoSat Quality Working group Meeting - Final Report

20 March 2019

The 7th CryoSat Quality Working Group (QWG) meeting was held at ESA/ESRIN from 26 - 28 November 2018. The QWG#7 was structured around 7 main sessions and involved 43 participants from different operational and research institutes including both CryoSat Expert Support Laboratory, QC and Cal/Val teams, altimetry experts and multi-thematic scientists.

The QWG#7 topics addressed both the data quality aspect of operational ice and ocean L1/L2 products, the results from Cal/Val Campaigns as well as the evolutions of core PDGS products and strategic implementation of future Cryo-TEMPO. The latest results about the CryoSat Ocean Processor Baseline-C and Ice Baseline-D Test Data Sets over the ice sheet and ice caps, Sea-Ice and Inland areas were also discussed.

These points and much more are addressed in the QWG#7 presentations and the Summary and Recommendation Report which is now available to download.

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Glaciers lose nine trillion tonnes of ice in half a century

8 April 2019

When we think of climate change, one of the first things to come to mind is melting polar ice. However, ice loss isn't just restricted to the polar regions. According to research published today, glaciers around the world have lost well over 9000 gigatonnes (nine trillion tonnes) of ice since 1961.