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First launched in the early nineties, Earth Online or respectively its predecessor, entitled ESA Earth Observation Guide & Directory Service (GDS) was among the first ESA web sites on the net.

The name Earth Online derives from ESA's Earthnet programme. Earthnet prepares and attracts new ESA Earth Observation missions by setting the international cooperation scheme, preparing the basic infrastructure, building the scientific and application Community and competency in Europe to define and set-up own European Programmes in consultation with member states.

Earth Online is the entry point for scientific-technical information on Earth Observation activities by the European Space Agency (ESA). The web portal provides a vast amount of content, grown and collected over more than a decade:

  • Detailed technical information on Earth Observation (EO) missions;
  • Satellites and sensors; EO data products & services;
  • Online resources such as catalogues and library;
  • Applications of satellite data;
  • Access to promotional satellite imagery.

Earthnet Online in 1999
Earth Online in 1999


Aimed at Earth Observation Data Users, but addressing organisations and individuals with a specific interest in EO as well, Earth Online also provides the latest technical news on ESA and Third Party EO satellite missions, workshops and many more topics. Since January 2012 it has also integrated all information related to the Principal Investigators (PI) community.

After 10 years of operations on distinct sites, the two principal portals of ESA Earth Observation - Earth Online ( and the Principal Investigator's Portal ( have moved to a new platform. ESA's technical and scientific earth observation user communities will from now on be served from a single portal, providing a modern and easy-to-use interface to our services and data.

One of the main changes to the site is the method for accessing data. With a simple and fast registration, users can access free online products. Access to restricted data remains as before. PI's personal information, projects, data registrations etc. can be found in the MyEarthOnline area.

The system is integrated with the Earth Observation Single Sign-On (EO-SSO) offering a single username / password to many ESA EO services.

The navigation of the site has also changed, offering a wider variety of navigation options. In addition the look and feel of the site has been modernised.

Support to users by the EOHelp desk has also been renovated and more info can be found in the Contact us area.