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SCIAMACHY Level 2 Product Delta-Validation Results and Level 2 Reprocessing Interruption

26 October 2010

The SCIAMACHY Validation Teams organised in SCIAVALIG performed a first validation of the new SCIAMACHY Level 2 Version 5.01 products based on a delta validation dataset.

In general, the comparison showed good agreement of the SCIAMACHY products with reference algorithms and the available ground based validation data.

The major results of the investigations are the following:

  • Ozone Limb profiles are clearly improved
  • The new products, BrO, water vapour, OClO and volcanic SO2 columns, as well as BrO profiles and Limb clouds are considered of good or at least sufficient good quality and can be distributed to the user community for further analysis and usage.
  • SO2 slant and anthropogenic columns show clear product deficits.
  • CO column retrieval settings need an optimisation of the retrieval settings were nand are currently not recommended for usage.
In the case of the SO2 slant and anthropogenic columns a detailed analysis will be initiated to remove the identified product shortcomings.

For the CO products it is expected that a minor upgrade on the processing baseline will lead to a significantly improved dataset. Therefore it was decided to interrupt the SCIAMACHY Level 2 reprocessing with the processor version 5.01 until the new configuration file for CO has been generated and tested.

Detailed SCIAMACHY delta-Validation Report (PDF 159kb)