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Planet - PlanetScope and SkySat data familiarisation phase
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Last update: 4 September 2018

ESA and Planet are pleased to announce the opportunity to freely access, up to the end of 2018, PlanetScope and SkySat data over three European demonstration sites: Demmin, Wilhelmshaven and Berlin (details below).

Archive data since May 2018 over the test sites is available as well as newly acquired data.

Test sites

The Demmin test site is located some 220 km north of Berlin near the city of Demmin in Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania. This area is intensively used for agriculture.

The area is part of the TERENO initiative and is cultivated by IG-Demmin (ca. 30,000 ha) is well suited to remote sensing science applications since the site is heterogeneous with respect to landscape, soil cover and hydrology and the average size of the fields, ca. 80 ha, is very high for Germany.

The main crops cultivated are winter wheat, barley, and rye, which cover almost 60% of the fields. The area devoted to sweet corn, sugar beets and potatoes amounts to about 13%.

Since 2011 the Demmin calibration and validation facility is formally recognised as part of the ESA SMOS Mission (Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity).

The Wilhelmshaven area is located in the Wattenmeer area of Germany and a typical sample for coastal and urban application.

The Berlin City test area covers a highly dense urban region with a variety of urban structures.


Data Set Specifications

Spatial coverage: 3 demonstration sites in Germany

  • Demmin (it extends from 53,93 N, 13,23 E east to 53,79 N, 13,49 E)
  • Wilhelmshaven (it extends from 53.79 N, 7.99 E to 53.50N, 8.18 E)
  • Berlin City (it extends from 52.57 N, 13.36 E to 52.48 N, 13.46 E)


Coverage per missions:

  • any available PlanetScope imagery acquired since May 2017 over all 3 test sites
  • any available SkySat imagery acquired since December 2017 over test site Berlin and any imagery acquired in between March and May 2018 over test site Wilhelmshaven. Please note that NO SkySat imagery is available for the test site Demmin
  • any available RapidEye imagery acquired since April 2009 over all 3 test sites.
Processing level

How to access this data

Data are available from Planet following registration on their platform. The trial account will expire on 31 December 2018.



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