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  • A Chris Toolbox development project is currently underway dedicated to the development of software modules for the BEAM toolbox enabling the exploitation of the high-resolution, multi-angular and hyper-spectral capabilities of the CHRIS instrument onboard the PROBA platform.
    A data reader for Chris data is already included in the BEAM v 4.0.
  • HDFclean V2
    A program for reprocessing images captured by the CHRIS hyper-spectral imager.
  • Category-1 access to data has been opened and more information can be obtained at EOPI
  • CHRIS acquisitions are generally prioritised according to the Nominal Acquisition Plan, based on the intial request of each project.
  • CHRIS Data Format
    Contains information needed for mode 5 acquisitions
  • Following the Nominal Plan, the acquisition are scheduled according to viewing opportunities but also taking account of the cloud coverage
  • Successful acquisitions may be tracked from Actual Acquisitions and Latest quicklooks