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Release of CryoSat User Tool (CUT) 3.0.1

24 September 2012

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The latest release of the CryoSat User Tool (CUT) version 3.0.1 is now available to download for free.

The CryoSat User Tool is a Windows stand-alone application for displaying and downloading CryoSat products from remote FTP servers or from local directories.

To download the latest version or for more information on software updates, please visit the CUT webpage or download the CUT User Manual (PDF 0.5MB)

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LBR Software - OPRHD

This sofware was developed on Unix based machine in C language.

To Compile and Run

  • uncompress OPRHD.tar
  • tar xvf OPRHD.tar
  • make (or use whatever make command is available on your system)
    To run: OPRHD

Download here from ftp