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Earth Topics (Applications)
  • Land
  • Landscape Topography

    Instrument type
  • EOC
  • Mission
    Date of Launch:
    21 December 1999
    Mission Status:
    Out of service since February 2008
    Orbit Height:
    685 km
    Orbit type:
    Sun-synchronous Circular Polar
    Swath Width:
    17 km
    KOMPSAT-1 EOC European Cities Dataset
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    Last update: 11 April 2019

    EOC is the primary payload for KOMPSAT-1. It has a cartography mission to provide images for the production of scale maps, including digital elevation models, from a remote earth view in the KOMPSAT orbit. EOC collects panchromatic imagery with a ground sample distance (GSD) of 6.6 m and swath width of 17 km at nadir through the visible spectral band of 510 nm ~ 730 nm. EOC scans the ground track of 800 km per orbit by push-broom and body pointing method.

    ESA provide a sample dataset only for European cities. The data are available as TIF images and correspond to a level 1B processing, e.g. no orthorectification or radiometric calibration.

    Data Set Specifications
    Spatial coverage: 60 N, 30 S, -10 W, 140 E
    Temporal coverage: 1999-12-21 - 2008
    Processing level
    Level 1b
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    KARI KOMPSAT-1 EOC Inventory