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Image 2006
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Last update: 06 June 2017

Image 2006 collection is a SPOT-4 and 5 and IRS-P6 cloud free coverage over 38 European countries in 2006.

The Level 1 data provided in this collection originate from the SPOT-4 HRVIR instrument (with 20m spatial resolution), from SPOT-5 HRG (with 10m spatial resolution resampled to 20m) and IRS-P6 LISS III (with 23m spatial resolution), each with four spectral bands. The swath is of about 60 km for the SPOT satellites and 140 km for the IRS-P6 satellite. In addition to the Level 1, the collection provides the same data geometrically corrected towards a European Map Projection with 25m resolution.

Data Set Specifications
Temporal coverage: 2005 - 2007
Processing level
Level 1
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Data are available online upon fast registration.

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Image 2006 European Coverage Methodology and results