Minimize How to access CryoSat data

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The access and use of CryoSat products are regulated by ESA's Data Policy and subject to the acceptance of the specific Terms & Conditions.

Users accessing CryoSat products are intrinsically acknowledging and accepting the above.

Users have free and open access to all CryoSat systematic data acquired according to the current geographical mode mask. Users can access data directly via an ftp client at or via the HTTP web interface at

Data can also be accessed byinstalling and using the Cryosat User Tool (CUT).

Otherwise CryoSat products can be selected and downloaded via the on-line FedEO CEOS Catalogue.

The following products are available:

  • Products generated by the CryoSat Ice Processor: FBR (SAR and SARIN), Level 1B (FDM, LRM, SAR and SARIN), Level 2 In-Depth (LRM, SAR, SARIN), Level 2 (FDM, LRM, SAR and SARIN), GDR (Level 2 consolidated multi-mode products with full orbit coverage from ANX to ANX)
  • Products generated by the CryoSat Ocean Processor: Level 1B (NOP, IOP and GOP), Level 2 (NOP, IOP and GOP, Pole-to-Pole (P2P: IOP and GOP)

Should users intend to propose changes to the current geographical mode mask, a project proposal needs to be submitted. Once the proposal has been reviewed and approved by the Mission Manager, Tommaso Parrinello, ESA will notify the user of the outcome and, if positive, how to access data.

Any requests, questions, feedback or problems relating to CryoSat products should be addressed and sent to ESA Earth Observation.

DORIS CryoSat data is available from the IDS Data Centers. The IDS ftp sites are provided here for information only. Any problems related to the access of DORIS data should be address directly to IDS.