Minimize How to access CryoSat data

Online registration is available on the EOPI pages.

The procedure foresees that after the submission of the registration form and acceptance of the Terms & Conditions, ESA will provide a specific CryoSat username and password within two working days. These credentials are different from the one selected by the user at the time of registration. Users can also register by sending an email to the ESA Earth Observation Helpdesk.

The access and use of CryoSat products are regulated by ESA's Data Policy.

Registered users can access data directly via an ftp client at Here users have free and open access to all CryoSat systematic data acquired according to the current geographical mode mask. The following products are available:

  • Products generated by the CryoSat Ice Processor: FBR (SAR and SARIN), Level 1B (FDM, LRM, SAR and SARIN), Level 2 In-Depth (LRM, SAR, SARIN), Level 2 (FDM, LRM, SAR and SARIN), GDR (Level 2 consolidated multi-mode products with full orbit coverage from ANX to ANX)
  • Products generated by the CryoSat Ocean Processor: Level 1B (NOP, IOP and GOP), Level 2 (NOP, IOP and GOP, Pole-to-Pole (P2P: IOP and GOP)

More information about the products can be found in CryoSat Products Overview. We also encourage users to explore the recently published papers Bouffard et al. (2017a, ASR) and Bouffard et al. (2017b, ASR) when using ESA CryoSat Ice and Ocean products respectively.

Should users wish to receive large amounts of data (e.g. one year of global L1B SAR data) or intend to propose changes to the current geographical mode mask, a project proposal needs to be submitted. Once the proposal has been reviewed and approved by the Mission Manager, Tommaso Parrinello, ESA will notify the user of the outcome and, if positive, how to access data.

Any requests, questions, feedback or problems relating to CryoSat products should be addressed and sent to ESA Earth Observation Helpdesk.

DORIS CryoSat data is available from the IDS Data Centers. The IDS ftp sites are provided here for information only. Any problems related to the access of DORIS data should be address directly to IDS.