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You can obtain detailed information on our data products and their availability in the Data Product technical descriptions: navigate from the Data Products link in the banner or select one or more fields from the "Browse Products by" and click on Browse to access exhaustive information on the product's technical characteristics, applications, availability and resources.
imageMulti-mission data catalogues
Multi-mission data Catalogues give you access to ESA's online collections and provide an intuitive way of selecting and ordering Earth Observation products. With Catalogues you can:
  • Search and select EO data (anonymous access)
  • Submit Orders (user registration required)

Orders for accepted Category-1 projects can be submitted either on line (via EOLI-SA) or by e-mail.

imageAccess to ESA data

ESA has defined a new Earth Observation Data Policy which was approved by the ESA Earth Observation Programme Board in May 2010 - How to apply?

The document Access to Envisat Data (PDF - 4,32 MB) focuses on the data dissemination methods and the different ways for the users to access the Envisat data.
Also included is a brief presentation of the Envisat mission, the instruments, the Ground Segment and the mission planning constraints. 

Additional information on data access is available for other ESA Earth Explorer missions:

CryoSat - Access CryoSat data
GOCE - GOCE data access
SMOS - How to get SMOS data (PDF - 292 KB)

Regarding ESA Third Party Missions, information on how to to access the data is available on the EOPI website

imageOnline archives
The Online Archives page contains a list of links and descriptions of online archives, from where a large volume of Envisat, Proba and Kompsat data are systematically available.
For more information on how to order EO data please contact the Earth Observation Helpdesk Team.

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First Sentinel-2B images delivered by laser

 12 June 2017

With the Sentinel-2B satellite close to beginning its working life in orbit, this latest Copernicus satellite has linked up to Alphasat by laser, across almost 36 000 km of space, to deliver images of Earth just moments after they were captured.
maltaSentinel-2 lasers
The test, which was done as part of Sentinel-2B's commissioning, included capturing a strip of images from Europe to North Africa.