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  Newsletter issue 1 - May 2010
After the successful launch of GOCE into a
278 km sun-synchronous orbit on 17 March
2009 the satellite has been successfully
going through the commissioning and
calibration/validation phases.


  Newsletter issue 2 (review 1) - March 2011
Review 1, uploaded on 19 April, contains an updated Table 1.

On 2 March 2011, ESA's Director of Earth Observation Programmes, Prof. Volker Liebig, announced to all GOCE users and to Member States delegations that GOCE has completed its nominal mission, after having completed twelve full months of gravity field mapping.



  Newsletter issue 3 - December 2011
Over the course of the recent months a
number of so-called GOCE+ projects have
been kicked off by the European Space
Agency. These "+" projects are aiming at
baseline products and nominal science
objectives addressed by the mission at the
time of its selection.

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