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Tropical and subtropical ocean viewed by ERS SAR

The pages of the ERS SAR Tropical mini-website illustrate the versatility of the ERS SAR and the potential of ASAR in the detection, identification and measurement of a range of oceanic and atmospheric phenomena in the tropical and sub-tropical oceans.

Within these pages, users can find medium resolution imagery depicting different phenomena, both oceanographic processes and the ocean surface signature of atmospheric features.

This material is targeted prinicipally at university level oceanography students to address a perceived gap in the availability of ocean remote sensing demonstration material.

However, the images have been selected for the striking nature of the phenomena they show and are of interest in their own right. In addition, most of the text has been written with the general reader in mind.

Oceanic Phenomena Atmospheric Phenomena
oceanic phenomena atmospheric phenomena

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During the last 25 years about 50 Earth Observation campaigns have been conducted including ground-based, air-borne, balloon-borne, ship-borne and small satellite experiments.

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