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The ENVIVIEW software remains frozen at March 2010 baseline.

The last release available is version 2.8.1, dated 05 March 2010.

We strongly invite and recommend Envisat data users to exploit instead the other available tools: BEST, BEAM, BEAT, NEST, etc. that can be freely downloaded from the Software tools page.


What is EnviView?

EnviView is a free application, that allows Envisat data users to open any Envisat data file, and examine its contents. It provides simple visualisation capabilities, and allows data to be exported to HDF for use in other software packages.

You may download EnviView by accessing the Download area above. If you have installed EnviView, you may obtain sample data for use with it.

EnviView charter

EnviView is a simple tool to provide a first look at Envisat data files in the PDS format. It is intended for the following purposes: 

  • to be able to open any Level 0, 1b, Level 2 or Auxilliary PDS data file. 
  • to determine the contents of a the file, and the value of any given fields in any data set (except raw source packets). 
  • to provide basic visualisation of data through simple 2D graphs 
  • to visualise certain high level data sets in a meaningful manner where a 2D graph conveys little information. 
    • image data sets from AATSR, ASAR and MERIS 
    • ASAR Wave spectra 
    • RA2 Waveform movie 
  • to provide a representation of the geographic coverage 
  • to export selected data to HDF, ASCII or binary data files, for analysis in other tools such as Mathematica, IDL, Excel, etc. 
  • to save the contents of a record as HTML text for inclusion in reports 
  • to print the contents of a record, or data view 
  • to be highly portable, to reach as wide an audience as possible. 
  • It is guaranteed to run on Unix, Windows and MacOS and potentially other platforms too. 

EnviView is not intended for the detailed analysis of Envisat data, there are many commercial and proprietary tools that provide better facilities.

The difference between such tools and EnviView is that they are more often than not aimed at certain classes of data, such as images or atmospheric data, or even data for a particular instrument. EnviView, however is a single solution for all PDS products.

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Copernicus Masters seeks new ideas for satellite data

10 April 2014

The fourth annual Copernicus Masters competition is just around the corner. Ideas for services, business concepts and applications based on satellite Earth observation data can be submitted starting on 15 April.
Copernicus Masters trophyCopernicus Masters 2013
Since 2011, the competition awards prizes to innovative solutions for business and society based on Earth observation data. With a prize pool of over €300,000 in cash prizes, technical support, data packages and business incubation, it aims to foster product development and entrepreneurship.