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Procedure to read ENVISAT products on EXABYTE tape
for Unix Systems

This note describes the steps to read ENVISAT products on EXABYTE media.
The EXABYTE may contain one or more products. A script to help the user in extracting the products from the tape can be downloaded here, and is also included in the EXABYTE.
The following description is shown on the example of ASAR products, but applies to all ENVISAT instrument data on EXABYTE:
The next points describe the steps to be followed to copy data products from EXABYTE to disk. Please note that the EXABYTE device name is assumed to be "/dev/rmt1" in this description. This has to be replaced by the actual device name in the user environment.

Insert the tape in the device
Type: tar xvf /dev/rmt1

This shows the following result:

x ./LABEL, 23 bytes, 1 tape blocks

x ./DIRECTORY, 103 bytes, 1 tape blocks

x ./tape_reader.ksh, 4669 bytes, 10 tape blocks

The file "LABEL" contains the product ID as written on the EXABYTE tape.

The file "DIRECTORY" lists the tape contents.

Type: ./tape_reader.ksh /dev/rmt1.1
This shows the following result:



3) tape_reader.ksh


5) ASA_WS__0PXPDE20020626_093011_000001292006_00501_01679_0062.N1

6) All product files

7) Refresh DIRECTORY & LABEL from current tape

8) Refresh DIRECTORY, LABEL & tape reader from current tape

9) Quit

The user is asked to select one of these options. In this example, to copy only the first WSM product to disk, the user shall select option "4", to copy only the second products he shall select option "5" and to copy both option "6". After all desired products have been extracted, option"9" terminates the extraction.

Note: Running only the script (without the name of the device), shows the following help information:

usage: ./tape_reader.ksh <non-rewinding device>

e.g. /dev/rmt0.1 on AIX

Please note that the device name to be provided here is the non-rewinding name for the device.

You can also refer to ASAR Products on Exabyte (pdf)