Minimize Data processors

SEPS Ground Segment (SEPS-GS)

SEPS Ground Segment (SEPS-GS) is an evolution of the SMOS End-to-end Performance Simulator (SEPS) used by L1PP team to simulate the MIRAS instrument and to generate Level 0 data.

Download: SMOS SESP Simulator

Level 1 Processors (L1PP - L1API - L1OP - NRTP)

The L1 processors are applications that process SMOS Level 0 Products and generate Level 1A, 1B and 1C products.

There are five types of L1 processor:

  • the L1PP which is the L1 Prototype Processor. It is used by Deimos and the ESLs for testing and validation
  • the L1API which is a streamlined version of the L1PP that is built for integration within other SMOS L1 processing facilities, i.e. the NRTP and the L1OP
  • the NRTP which is the operational Near Real Time Processor integrated in the NRT Processing Infrastructure
  • the L1OP which is the operational L1 Processor integrated in the DPGS
  • the FWFGMA which is the operational G/J Matrix Processor integrated in the G/J Matrix Processing Infrastructure

Download: L1PP and L1API

SMOS L1 Processor Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Document (ATBD)


The most recent Level 1 processor versions are given in the table below.

Processor Category Executable Version
L1PP 500
L1API 502
NRTP 505
L1OP 505


Level 1 Brightness Temperature - read first (pdf)


Level 2 Soil Moisture Processor (L2SM)

The L2SM processor is designed to retrieve soil moisture, vegetation optical thickness, and other geophysical parameters of interest from L1c data.

Download: SMOS Level 2 Soil Moisture processor

The processor prototype runs under 64 bits Linux and requires Matlab version 2009b or higher. Further software/system requirements can be found in Chapter 4 of the SRD. The Software User Manual (SUM) provides guidelines for the utilisation of the processor prototype.

Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) for the SMOS Level 2 Soil Moisture Processor Development Continuation Project

The most recent version of the Level 2 Soil Moisture processor: 551

Level 2 soil moisture - read first (pdf)


Level 2 Ocean Salinity Processor (L2OS)

The L2OS processor ingests L1C ocean products, together with ECMWF forecast geophysical data and other auxiliary files, and generates L2 OS UDP and DAP products and associated reports. The L2OS processor uses three different surface emission models to predict TB measurements and derives three L2 salinity fields through an iterative convergence scheme.

There are two types of L2OS processor:

  • the Operation Processor (OP), used in the DPGS operational chain; and
  • the Prototype Processor (PP), used by ARGANS and ESL for testing and validation.

Both processors run on Linux 64-bit machines: the OP has a command line interface, whereas the PP can be run either from the command line, or (usually) via a GUI. Both OP and PP are compiled from the same source code, using compile-time switches.

Download: SMOS Level 2 Ocean Salinity Processor Development & Validation

SMOS L2 OS Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Document

The most recent version of the Level 2 Ocean Salinity processor: 550

Level 2 ocean salinity - read first (pdf)