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CryoSat - Geographical Mode Mask 3.4 released

08 October 2012

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A new Geographical Mode Mask (3.4) is in place since Week 40 (01 October 2012). The mask is the basis of the CryoSat mission planning and defines the mode switching of the SIRAL instrument while the satellite revolves around the Earth.

This new map takes into consideration the vast interest of the oceanographic, coastal altimetry and marine gravity community in the CryoSat mission. With respect to the previous version, the following changes have been adopted:

  • The large SAR area, located in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, has been resized. This area is used for inter-mission calibration with conventional altimetry satellites like Envisat and Jason 2 and in preparation to Sentinel-3.
  • Installation of two new SAR areas in the North Pacific Ocean to map marine gravity field at high spatial resolution.
  • Installation of a new SARIN zones over the Caribbean Sea
  • Replacement of a SARIN zone with a SAR zone over the major Amazon river basins.
  • Redefinition of the SAR zones along Norway’s coast.
  • Installation of SAR zones along the entire India coast. Data will be used by the eSurge project