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    Instrument type
    Date of Launch:
    1 March 2002
    Mission Status:
    Out of service since May 2012 
    Orbit Height:
    800 km 
    Orbit type:
    Swath Width:
    5 - 1150 km
    ASAR Wave Mode SLC Imagette and Imagette Cross-Spectra
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    Last update: 10 October 2019

    This is the basic Level 1B Wave Mode product, including up to 400 single-look, complex, slant range, imagettes generated from Level 0 data and up to 400 imagette power spectra computed using the cross-spectra methodology.

    The auxiliary parameters used are the most up-to-date at the time of processing. A minimum number of corrections and interpolations are performed in order to allow the end-user maximum freedom to derive higher level products. Complex output data is retained to avoid loss of information. Absolute calibration parameters, when available (depending on external calibration activities), is provided in the product annotations.

    Imagette power spectrum is equivalent to the ERS UWA product with revisited algorithm (cross-spectra) taking into account the higher quality of the SLC imagette. Note that starting from an SLC imagette, generation of an ERs UWA-type product might be ensured by a simple look detection and summation.

    This product provides a continuation of the ERS-SAR wave mode data.

    Imagette Spatial Resolution: 20 m ground range x 20 m azimuth

    Cross Spectra Output: Wavelength range from 20 to 1000 m in 24 logarithmic steps

    Data Set Specifications
    Spatial coverage: 90 N, 90 S, 180 W, 180 E
    Temporal coverage: Mid 2002 - 2012-04-08
    Processing level
    Level 1b
    How to access this data

    Reprocessed Data (Full mission)
    Data is available online upon registration

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    Utilisation of this data is subject to ESA's Earth Observation Terms and Conditions
    Auxiliary data
    ASAR auxiliary data
    Available via SPPA


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