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Product Specification update for the Envisat ASAR processor

18 July 2012

In the next few weeks the new version of the Envisat ASAR processor, PF-ASAR v6, will be released. This version will include modifications to the ASAR product specification.

These changes include three new sets of Level 1 product header information including an increased size of the Main Processing Parameters (MPP) ADS, and a modification of the processor configuration file ASA_CON_AX.

The user note ASAR Product specification Update v1.0.pdf, provides details of the new header information to enable the users to include this in their analysis software.

The revised ASAR product specification (Issue 4, Revision C) is available on line, and sample Level 1 and Level 0 products (with new ASA_CON_AX files) are also made available to users (Level 1 - (346Mb), Level 0 APH - (418Mb) and Level 0 WS - (613Mb)).