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The default planning, so-called Background Regional Mission (BRM), for ASAR High Resolution modes (Image, Wide Swath and Alternating polarization), defines an acquisition strategy with the aim to build up consistent data sets taking into account the overall mission objectives.

These objectives are mapped into the so-called Strategic Data Sets (SDS) covering the following five topics:

  • Terrain movements (in the interferometric belt around 38°N on descending passes and 38° S on ascending passes )
  • Disasters
  • Land mapping
  • Polar watch
  • Ocean SAR signatures

This default planning is applied in absence of user requests and occupies a bit less than 70 % of the instrument use time.




Due to the need of building a consistent archive only selected combinations of mode-swath-polarization are implemented in the BRM, though consistency is achieved with a fixed long term planning. The BRM can evolve and new sub-modes or areas of interest may be incorporated to the BRM according to the demand of large groups of users.

Click here to see the ASAR pre-defined planning for cycle 113 applicable from 20 March to 19 April 2012 for the sub-modes which are currently used.