Minimize ALOS PRISM and AVNIR-2 cloud coverage in EOLI-SA

It is now possible to apply a cloud coverage search criteria in EOLI-SA for the ALOS PRISM and ALOS AVNIR-2 collections. Please use the "Advanced" query mode and enter the maximum allowed cloud coverage value (range 0-100, in %) that shall be applied for the search (see snapshot below).

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Be aware that currently only data acquired by Jaxa contain cloud coverage values while acquisitions performed at ADEN (ESA) stations do not have this information. The result of the query will therefore be the list of acquisitions performed by Jaxa that fit the set cloud coverage criteria plus ALL data acquired by the ADEN (ESA) stations (if any) over the same area independently of the cloud coverage for the latter.

When available, the precise value of the cloud coverage for each scene can be visualized in the Product Details window.