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The L2P product contains full resolution dual-view Sea Surface Temperature (SST) values. These SST use the ARC SST retrieval and cloud screening which differ from the methods used to produce the Gridded Surface Temperature (ATS_NR__2P) products. In addition to SST, the L2P products contain the ATSR Saharan Dust Index (ASDI) and the clear-sky probability estimated by the ARC cloud detection algorithm.

The L2P processor also generates L3U products; these are the L2P products averaged onto a regular grid at 0.1 degree resolution (they are therefore similar to the AR / Meteo Envisat-format products).

The L2P and L3U products are provided in NetCDF-4 format following GHRSST Data Specifications (GDS) v2.

The L2P/L3U archive has been reprocessed with a new processor based upon the ARC SST; the changes are outlined in full in the L2P Reprocessing User Note.

Product Availability

Reprocessed data
The complete AATSR archive is available on-line (ftp access).
See related news on the (A)ATSR 3rd Reprocessing of 06 September 2013

Data Set Specifications
Temporal Coverage:
2002-05-20 to 2012-04-08
Spatial Coverage:
90 N, 90 S, 180 W, 180 E
Data Type:
Optical/Multi Spectral Radiometry Low/Medium Resolution
Processing Level:
Level 2
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