Minimize LTDP Workshop 2011

2nd LTDP Workshop objectives

30-31 May 2011, ESA/ESRIN (Frascati, Italy)

The preservation and accessibility of digital data and of their associated knowledge is today a very challenging and critical item in Europe as also demonstrated by the several on-going and planned initiatives and projects dealing with its several topics in several different domains including the Earth Science one.

The large amount of new Earth Observation missions coming in the next years and the increased demands from the user community, bring a challenge for Earth Observation satellite operators, Space Agencies and EO data providers to manage the data and to offer the access to the different products as coherently and easily as possible.

Earth Science data, including the Earth Observation ones, are unique by nature and are fundamental for the monitoring of our environment and planet and of its changes (e.g. climate). As such they have to be considered as a humankind asset to be preserved without time constrains and kept accessible together with all the information needed to understand and use them. Focussing on the Earth Observation domain on the other hand:

  • Current EO data preservation approaches are still mostly limited to the satellite lifetime and few years after.
  • More and more EO missions data can be called 'historic' and more and more operators are faced with the decision if and how to preserve these data.
  • The data volumes are increasing dramatically.

Both technically and economically, long term data preservation (LTDP) is a subject that calls for harmonisation, cooperation and sharing among all the data owners for the benefit of the user community. To respond to the urgent need for a coordinated and coherent approach for the long term preservation of the existing European EO space data, ESA proposed in 2008 during the 1st LTDP workshop, in collaboration with the Ground Segment Coordination Body, a cooperation scheme for the implementation of an European LTDP Framework based on a set of LTDP Common Guidelines with the aim to guarantee the complete European EO space data set preservation.

The aim of the 2nd LTDP workshop is to review the status of the LTDP cooperation and of the European/Canadian data owner activities taking stock of the international context (GEO) and of other disciplines (Space Science, Earth Science, ...) such to reinforce the future LTDP programmatic vision.

The workshop will provide an overview of the European LTDP Common Guidelines, of the results of the on-going cooperation activities within the GSCB LTDP working group including among others the Long Term Archive Technology (LAST) and LTDP User Requirements (FIRST) studies and will present the vision and way forward for the European LTDP Framework. It will allow the collection of comments and feedbacks from participants and will give room for the data owners/providers to present their plans and achievements with regard to long term data preservation, in particular for what concerns the application of the European LTDP Common guidelines, and to describe their understanding, interest and possible contribution to an European LTDP Framework.