Minimize GSCB in Copernicus & GEOSS

The Copernicus programme is based on a fleet of European satellites built and operated by ESA, ESA member states and commercial entities.

Copernicus will also provide access to data from non- European satellites, and will therefore rely on existing, planned and new dedicated space and in situ observation capabilities to provide services to users.

This open approach involves a complex scenario of data-providers, operators and system developers.

GSCB is intended to respond to this need for harmonised and coordinated ground-segment services at the European level, in particular for providing EO data to the Copernicus services.

The results from GSCB will be fed into the work plan of the Group on Earth Observation (GEO) and will contribute to similar activities under way beyond Europe, in an effort to built existing systems and initiatives into a single system, the ‘Global Earth Observation System of Systems’ (GEOSS), within 10 years.

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The Sentinel satellite series