Minimize Global modelling of contrail-cirrus: Impact of soot particle emissions

Date added: 27 December 2013

Organisation: DLR

Location: Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany


The Institute of Atmospheric Physics of DLR has an available vacancy for a meteorologist, physicist or similar position, to study global modelling of contrail-cirrus: Impact of soot particle emissions.

Clouds have a large impact on the climate system due to their impact on the radiation budget and contribute significantly to the uncertainty in climate simulations. Contrail cirrus, evolving from linear contrails, change upper cloudiness and cause on average climate warming.

The main objective is to quantify the effect of a reduction in soot emissions from air craft, as e.g. seen when using alternative fuels, on the properties of contrail cirrus and its radiative impact. A reduction in soot emissions can lead to a decrease in ice crystal number concentrations and to changes in microphysical processes which have again an impact on contrail life times. This process chain will be analysed within a climate model. The contrail cirrus parameterisation within the climate model will be refined adding a parameterisation for the formation of ice crystals in young contrails. The work thus contributes to the debate on options mitigating the climatic effects of air traffic.